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Blair Chiropractic is a specific form of chiropractic care, where small adjustments are made to the upper spine in the neck and head.

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Because this area houses the nerves which extend to the entire body, a small adjustment to the head/neck alignment, can have immense affect over the entire body. For general health, wellness or to treat specific ailments, Blair Chiropractic can have a profound influence over your health and well being.

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Body imbalance is only the beginning of the problem. Here’s why:Brain to body messages control and maintain ALL body functions. These messages are a must for healing. Trillions of nerve fibers carrying these messages from the brain to the body “bottle-neck” through the small opening in the first bone in the neck (atlas) as they flow down into the spinal cord and out to every cell in your body.

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If the head and neck are not in proper alignment, it can cause spinal cord compression or irritation at the point where the head and neck join, and disrupt or distort vital brain messages to any part of your body. This can cause countless health problems and pain anywhere in the body, including organ dysfunction and other conditions that you would not normally relate to a problem originating at the top of your neck.

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When the weight of the head is shifted off the center of the neck and held in that position by tense muscles of the neck to cause body imbalance, it can produce stress, tension and pressure around the brain stem. This pressure can restrict or distort the transmission of health and healing messages from the brain to the body. That area of the body serviced by the restricted brain messages will no longer function properly. 

     Why is Upper Cervical Chiropractic so Important?     

Accidents and injuries will frequently lead to misalignments between the head and the neck. This area of the body is crucial to your overall health and well-being. The brain and spinal cord make up the Central Nervous System, which controls and coordinates all body functions. 

 BETH OOROUK'E, Chiropractic Doctor

About Dr. Beth O'rouke

For general health, wellness or to treat specific ailments, Blair Chiropractic can have a profound influence over your health and well being. Consider the basic construction of your body and nervous system and how it can change your health!

  • Dr Beth O’Rourke has been practicing Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic since 2004. She graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College, and received her Blair Upper Cervical Training from the Palmer College in Davenport Iowa. She is member of the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • Your head (10-14 lbs.) rests on a 2 oz. bone at the top of your neck called the atlas. Wherever your atlas moves, your head moves with it. If this top bone in your neck has shifted out of position ever so slightly, no more than the thickness of a fingernail, it can move your head off center.
  • In an effort to keep your head over the center of the neck, you spine and pelvis will twist, pulling one hip up and one leg with it. You are now walking around on one leg that is shorter than the other.

Why is Upper Cervical Chiropractic so Important?

The top two vertebrae of the spine, the atlas and the axis, are the only vertebrae in the body that do not have a means to be self-correcting. This is because the muscles which control the position of these two vertebrae receive their nerve supply from nerves which pass down through the atlas and axis and then to the muscles providing them with movement and support. Vertebrae below this level have the means of self-correction in that they receive nerve supply to the muscles surrounding and supporting them from above as well as below. This provides the means for the rest of the spine to be self-correcting if the atlas and axis are not causing nerve pressure. It also means that if the atlas or axis are causing pressure, the muscles surrounding and supporting the rest of the spine cannot function normally..

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If the brain to body communication is impeded by a misalignment in the upper neck (a bone called the atlas) where the brain and spinal cord come together it will frequently lead to pain or other symptoms.


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