Are You Suffering With Chronic Neck Pain

Are You Suffering With Chronic Neck Pain


What is the difference between  acute and chronic pain?  as well as methods of treating chronic pain.  According to Web MD there is a significant difference between chronic neck pain and acute neck pain.  Acute pain usually starts at the impact of injury where as chronic pain can last for months and even years.  The goal of this article is to inform chronic pain sufferers about the cause and effect of chronic neck pain, and to give information on a few popular treatments and then to introduce reader to a little known procedure that has helped the sufferer a great deal with their pain, and in some cases has cleared the chronic pain for good. Listen to what one of our patients is saying about their recovery from chronic neck pain by using Upper Cervical care:
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Diagnosis of Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is usually diagnosed by taking xrays, MRI, and/or performing several different orthopedic tests which can show different stages of degeneration in the spine such as:

  • Disc disease
  • Bone spurs/degeneration in the cervical spine
  • Spinal stenosis,
  • Spondylitis,
  • Cervical disc degeneration
  • Cervical disc herniation
  • Fusion

Known causes

  • falling as a child
  • sports injuries
  • car accidents/whiplash
  • slip and falls

Beth explain how injuries cause neck pain. atlas locks ligament  damage……..cord irritation…….muscles tone controlled in bran stem….etc etc

How do injuries cause neck pain?  The top two bones in the neck are the most movable bones in the spine so when you get into an accident the bones get jolted out of position, then the body locks them in the new position to protect the spinal cord. Once the two bones get locked out of the normal position a nerve interference is created. In time this interference cause body imbalance can cause all sorts of symptoms in the body.

  • Decreased immune system
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Low back pain

Symptoms can range from mild to severe such as numbness and tingling in the hands and or fingers, heaviness in the arms, loss of grip strength, muscle tightness at the base of the skull, shoulders and even the upper back/trapezoid muscles,  head feeling heavy.

Related and associated symptoms with chronic neck pain are depression, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue as the chronic sufferer tends to feel hopeless because the pain in general usually depletes energy.

Treatment, most treatments include pain killers such as ibuprofen, and muscle relaxers.  Some alternatives  to medications are exercise therapies such as yoga and Pilates, also physical therapy modalities such as ultra sound and electrical stem can help relieve the tension that the chronic neck pain may cause.  Some of these treatments offer temporary relief, some patients heal completely while others  may search  for years to get relief……..

Right here at Upper Cervical Health Care in Carson we have been helping people with chronic neck pain for years. We offer a free a free consultation and you  can schedule by calling 310 324-6172 or schedule online by clicking on this link.


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