What Is Causing My Low Back Pain?

What Is Causing My Low Back Pain?

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Are you suffering with low back pain?  It may be hard to imagine, but often times low back pain originates from the upper neck. To fully grasp this concept it’s important to understand how closely the neck and low back are connected. Sometimes the area of pain in your body is actually referred pain.  Low back pain often stems from misalignments in the upper neck.  Cervical spine misalignments often have a direct impact on the entire spine as well as the low back.

The top two bones in the neck are called the Atlas and Axis.  If a misalignment happens to the atlas or axis it causes bones, muscles, and spinal tissue to shift.  A misalignment as small as ¼ of a millimeter can cause your head to become unevenly balanced on your body. When the head is off balance the body goes through righting reflex, this keeps the eyes evenly aligned with the horizon line. If the body has to compensate for this process, it can wreak havoc on the function and balance of the entire body directly cause problems with the Slow back pain.

What happens in the body when the spine is out of alignment? Consider the following:

◦The top two bones in the neck house the brain-stem, which is the control center for the entire body. Signals pass through the Atlas and Axis and send messages to your body.
◦Pressure sensors located in the upper neck are hindered from allowing messages to and from the brain and body.
◦Balance is affected because the brain-stem is not able to send messages to the ears through the cranial nerves.
◦Blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid flow are slowed down due to the pressure being exerted on the brainstem.


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How Upper Cervical Care Helps with Lower Back Pain

Once the misalignment of the upper neck is detected, we can begin to correct the problem. We use the latest advances in technology, and scientific measures to treat our patients. Patients with low back pain often report a decrease in symptoms shortly after we make the correction.

Upper Cervical Blair Care is a successful natural option for back pain sufferers. Conventional Health Care generally prescribes pain killing drugs and anti-inflammatory medication to decrease the symptoms, but at what cost? The goal of Upper Cervical Blair Care is to allow the body to heal itself by removing interference to normal function. If muscles in the low back are chronically tight and painful we should be asking the question, why? In many cases chronically tight muscles in the low back are in response to nerve irritation at the level of the upper neck. Upper Cervical doctors are specially trained to locate and correct this problem.

Don’t give up and subject yourself to a life of pain and pill popping. There are many things you can do to help yourself heal naturally. Drugs can have harmful side effects, they can toxify the body and should only be used as an acute pain reliever. If you are suffering with lower back pain and want to recover give Upper Cervical Care a try. You might just find that it’s the best kept secret in health care! We hope that this blog has reached someone in need and will lead them to healing. NATURE NEEDS NO HELP JUST NO INTERFERENCE!

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